Prices start at $19 per guest for 40+ people and then $17.50 per guest for parties of 100 people and up.

For smaller parties of 30 guests, cost around $20 per guest.

Large size parties of up to 200-300 guests, prices are calculated at around $15-$14 per/person and the more the guests, the cheaper it is.

 If you have an even larger special event, please contact us to see if we can accommodate you.

To get a Quote and to check the date availability

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Or phone: 0401 215180

Don’t just organize any old catering.
Surprise your guests when they arrive and find a Pizza Shop waiting for them. You can relax, while we do the cooking and we know that your guests will be amazed at the range of high quality, great tasting pizzas and at the look of our mobile Pizza Shop. They will love the great range of different flavors that they can pick and taste.