Pizza Party Catering Perth, easy with PizzaParties Mobile

Chefs Riccardo & Margareta have over 30 years experience Pizza Party Catering and have there own unique pizza and dough making procedures

Pizza Parties mobile kitchen is a go anywhere on site catering service.

All we need from you is a normal, everyday, house, 10 amp power point to  run our refrigerators and LED lights.

On request, we can use our own on board Generator if required.

We can easily cook around 60 pizzas an hour and guests are not left standing around hungry for food..

How we work your Catering :

  1. We arrive  2-3 hours before the Cooking Start Time.
  2. Those first hours are spent preparing and making all of your Menu requested pizzas in our mobile kitchen, on site, at your premises.
  3. At your requested Cooking Start Time, we start cooking and offering your guests a good variety of different freshly cooked pizzas flavours, placed on our heated buffet counter. We give your guests a plate and napkins so then they can easily help themselves.
  4. As the many cooked pizzas continue to exit the oven, we inform your guests of all the new flavours for them to try out..
  5. A few trays of pizza will be carried around inside the party area and served to your guests.
  6. While serving these initial trays of food, people will be given information about the larger Menu being offered from our heated food counter .

  How long do we serve for:

Pizza Parties serving session is normally spread over a minimum period of one hour in actual oven cooking time after the requested cooking time. (or longer for a higher number of guests) but we’ll probably be on site 2-3-4 hours or more.

At the end of the cooking session we leave plates of pizza on a table so that your guests can help themselves after we leave or you can simply place in your fridge and keep for your own family..

  About our mobile pizza van:


Our mobile pizza van/kitchen was built to commercial food standards and is a complete, self-contained pizza kitchen. We take our rubbish away and wash in our own kitchen with our own water and waste tanks.

It is 5.5 meters long and 2.2 meters wide and 2.7 meters high, including the chimney. The heated serving counter is on the passenger side and slides out 400mm.

The pizza oven that we use runs on LPG with a enclosed flame chamber and is Not a fire risk. This modern oven cooks quickly, is smoke free and is clean-burning, low carbon fuel. LPG can be considered a green form of energy.

Pizza Parties mobile pizza kitchen complies with the “National Health Code for food vending vehicles” and all WA Hygiene and Health Regulations.


Mobile Wood Fired Pizza VS our Mobile Pizza Van?

Why choose Pizza Parties over a catering business with a mobile wood fired pizza oven.

We think it’s a fair question.

The main reason is that it’s quicker to set up and get food cooking, with minimal fuss to produce an even controlled heat inside the oven. We can therefore make a larger variety of generously topped pizza that will cook thoroughly and evenly without burning the base and outer sides.

As it is easier for us to cook, Pizza Parties can offer customers better Value for Money.

In the early 1990’s Riccardo was one of only a handful of people in Perth to offer the concept of mobile pizza catering, using a small 6X4 trailer with a bolted down wood fired, brick pizza oven. Complete with fold out trestle tables, large umbrellas for cover and ice conatiners for safe food storage.

In 1996 Riccardo retired the wood fire oven and had an enclosed Pizza van custom built, with proper refrigeration and other amenities as the standard to “as close as” to a commercial restaurant kitchen with  a modern, low emissions, energy efficient LPG fan forced oven to cook pizzas. These commercial ovens cook evenly, quickly and with the chef’s emphasis on good quality, stacked ingredients and the secret formula soft pizza base, a Pizza Parties pizza has a very comparable taste if not, better than pizzas from a wood fired pizza oven.

The advantages of hiring the Pizza Parties mobile pizza with LPG oven.

An modern LPG oven burns clean, without soot or embers and cool-down time is quicker..
With an enclosed chamber LPGas oven, there is no fire risk for the surround area and you won’t give your neighbours the opportunity to complain about smoke plumes drifting through their house or yard.

With our gas oven (enclosed flame chamber) there is no relevance to an imposed Total Fire Ban in your area during the summer. Some mobile wood fire pizza businesses do claim “Fire Ban Ready” well “Please Explain”, fire is fire and in most areas you can’t even light up a small gas barbecue.

Our Mobile Pizza Shop is built to required standards, meeting all W.A. Health regulations .

Cooking around 60 fresh pizzas an hour, your guests won’t have wait for food.
We don’t use your kitchen to clean up (and wouldn’t dare ask)
We spend hours carefully preparing all of the pizzas on site in our mobile pizza van so that at cooking time, your guests can be served promptly.

You set the time – when your guests are ready to eat, we’ll be ready to serve them.