Mobile Pizza Party Catering is Simple and Tasty with Pizza Parties Perth

Hosts Riccardo & Margareta have over 30 years experience Pizza Party Catering creating a professional and fun experience for your guests. We love returning to see familiar faces and meeting new people.

Pizza Parties mobile kitchen is a cost effective, on site catering service and we travel all over the Perth metropolitan area and because we are always well planned we can cook around 60-70 pizzas an hour.

“And it’s quite ok to come on in, and give it a go, bring the kids!”


  Here’s how we set up:

  1. We arrive and find a suitable location 3 hours before the start time.
  2. All we need is a spare house powerpoint for our van lights and refrigerator (for outdoor or “remote” events we will bring a generator)
  3. We don’t need any power for cooking.  Our pizza oven runs on LP gas, making it safe – especially in Summer!
  4. We spend hours carefully organising and preparing all of the pizzas in our van at your premises.
  5. We start your party service with a mixed variety feast of freshly cooked pizzas.
  6. As the pizzas continue to exit the oven, we cut them into slices and lay them down inside our heated, self serve buffet counter.
  7. We offer you a free waiter service to get things started and a few trays of pizza slices will be carried around and served to your waiting guests.
  8. While serving these initial trays of food, people will be given information about the Menu being offered.
  9. We also invite your guests to come up to the van’s heated buffet counter to pick from a much larger variety of food than what is being offered on the tasting tray.  Or they can stay where they are and wait for the pizza tray.
  10. We give your guests a plate and napkin and then they can help themselves to whatever variety of mouth-watering pizza takes their fancy.

Our van is a complete kitchen on wheels.

  How long do we serve for:

The Pizza Parties mobile pizza kitchen can cook around 60 fresh pizzas an hour. This means that a Pizza Parties cooking and serving session is normally spread over a one hour period (or a little longer depending on the number of guests).

At the end of the cooking session we leave a tray of hot delicious pizza on a table so that your guests can help themselves after we leave .

  About our mobile pizza van:

The Pizza oven that we use runs on LPG, which means it is not a fire risk, cooks quickly and is smoke free.

Our mobile pizza van was built to commercial food standards and is a complete, self-contained pizza kitchen.

Pizza Parties mobile pizza kitchen complies with the “National Health Code for food vending vehicles” and all WA Hygiene and Health Regulations.